CIELI’s mission is to conduct applied research and provide higher education in logistics and transport, by integrating key fields, such as shipping, land transport, air transport, supply chain, industrial logistics, distributive logistics, ICT for future logistics challenges, transport safety/security, etc.

To achieve this mission, CIELI nurtures UNIGE researchers’ and professors’ expertise in Logistics and Transport, and organizes them in specific projects. CIELI values its inter-disciplinary dimension, which is its strength and sets it apart from other research institutes of the University of Genoa.

Research is a fundamental goal for CIELI. CIELI is intended as a valuable interface between business practice and  academia. CIELI carries out research and education projects based on the needs of public and private firms and institutions to create tangible and measurable returns on the productive fabric.

CIELI’s vision is to be solidly positioned as a center of excellence and a reference point for research and education in Logistics and Transport in Italy and abroad. The Centre achieves its objectives through high-quality scientific production, and an intense dialogue with private firms and public institutions.

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