CIELI educates young graduates and professionals by delivering programs of seminars and exchanges on research and innovation in Logistics and Transport.

CIELI relies on its members’ interdisciplinary dimension and its professors’ and researchers’ variety of expertise in Business Management, Technical Engineering and Law to offer a wide range of educational activities



The PhD Program in “Logistics, Transport and Territory”, started at the end of 2006 (cycle XXII), provides cycles of courses and seminars for PhD candidates and researchers. It also includes collaborations and exchange programs with other universities in Italy and abroad. This PhD Program is geared toward the promotion and development of advanced research and constitutes a laboratory for the formation of young researchers in Logistics and Transport.

CIELI professors also participate in PhD programs in prestigious national and international Universities.

The doctoral program has provided and assigned fellowships for several years. For years funding came from the “Progetto Giovani” and from other external entities.  A scholarship was awarded for cycle XXV by the Region of Liguria’s FSE 2007-2013, Axis IV fund titled “Human Capital Specific Objective i/4, i/5”. Students without scholarships are also accepted.

Our doctoral program in Logistics, Transport and Territory is unique in  Italian academia, thanks to its interdisciplinary dimension, involving students from different disciplines, e.g. Law, Business & Management, and Engineering.

Upon graduation, students should master knowledge of the following:

  • The fundamentals of Transport and Logistics
  • Specialized expertise in Law, Business Management or Engineering acquired mainly through research and study, possibly with internships and other in-company experience, as well as participation in national and international conferences and seminars.
  • The state-of-the-art and current trends in the field of logistics and transport.

The features of this PhD Program fit the nature of CIELI and set it apart from others on the national scale. This is why the program can be looked at as a laboratory where young researchers in Logistics and Transport are formed. It also represents one of CIELI’s crucial tools for success and business opportunity.

In fact, CIELI needs young people who train to do interdisciplinary work to maintain its level of innovation, which has always set it apart from the rest.

The doctoral program’s success is proven by the professional results of its students who are currently employed in Logistics and Transport firms or working in various universities.

Once taking their Doctorate, some alumni have continued to collaborate on CIELI research projects, thus broadening their knowledge and integrating themselves into the world of work.

In some cases, these young people become research fellows or consultants. Others have found positions in shipping and logistics firms and institutions.



University Master’s Degrees

Higher education programs for graduates and/or professionals. These are meant to form and update the skills of top managers on the methodological, technical and managerial aspects of logistics as well as promoting modern logistics management techniques. The international dimension of the Master’s degrees is key to increase competitiveness. These programs confer the degree of 1st or 2nd level Master, which is legally recognized nationally and internationally. In planning the curricula, CIELI carefully evaluates labor market trends and firms’ hiring needs to satisfactorily guarantee placement.

CIELI has been at the vanguard of re-engineering the Master’s in Integrated Logistics. This process unfolded in two phases. In 2006 it took on the name “Management of Integrated Logistic Systems”. In 2007 it merged with another funded Master’s program: “Ports, Transport and Territory”, taking on the name “Planning and Management of Logistic and Transportation Systems”. The “Planning and Management of Logistic and Transportation Systems” Master’s Degree was taught in English and thus benefited from student coming from all over Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. The international dimension can be seen on the teaching side as well: professors come from the Polytechnic in Lausanne, Milan and Turin, the University of Antwerp and the University of Bergamo, and several noted international consultants were involved. The Master’s has received most of its public funding from the Province of Genoa as well as the San Paolo Foundation. It has also obtained direct or indirect support from over 40 private firms and public organizations, giving the Master considerable organizational and financial autonomy.  Some direct support has come from: Accenture, Fondazione ENI Enrico Mattei, Gruppo Gavio, LogiPetrol-SBG, Regione Liguria, Eni, Silvio Bertani – Logipetrol, Finporto, Rivalta Terminal Europa. Some indirect support in the form of internships and testimonials has come from: Coes Company, DuPont Europe Switzerland, Swatch Group, Schiffini Mobili Cucine SpA, Giver Viaggi, TXT e-solutions, Eaton, DANONE- Saiwa, T-Bridge–Consulting, Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton LLP, Ufficio delle Dogane di Genova, G A F – Society for the Training of Management Personnel, Eidon, Flemish Port Commission, Autorità Portuale di Genova, Porto Petroli, SoftecoSismat, D’Appolonia, LPLogistics, Pagirosrl, Ce.P.I.M.-Interporto Parma, Interporto Bologna, IFC Worldwide Cargo, MAN Truck and Bus, Trenitalia – Ferrovie dello Stato, FareImpresa, Spring PetroleumLondon UK, KuehneNagel Genova, BalmerLawrie&Co.Ltd in Mumbai India, BIP Milano, ILog Genova, Res Data srl Fidenza. Another point of prestige for the Master is the “Invest Your Talent in Italy” Project, sponsored by MAE and ICE, with the indispensable support of the Genoa Chamber of Commerce. This Master is a project geared toward providing excellent Italian educational opportunities in English.


Continuing Education

Highly specialized educational programs focused on operations, for graduates and professionals who want to specialize in a tailored Logistics and Transportation theme so as to better place themselves in the world of work or to develop skills in a school-work alternation program. CIELI relies on information from the business world to plan these courses.


Courses for Private Firms and Public Administration

Educational projects planned and carried out in direct collaboration with partners and/or private firms that express specific logistics and transport education needs.



Seminars, conferences, debates and (inter)national meetings that circulate CIELI research results, stress critical thinking and stimulate focus on current issues in Logistics and Transport for businesses, local areas, as well as national and international systems.



  • Prof. Lara Penco, Dr. Luciano Broggi, Dr. Maurilio Sartor, Dr. Claudio Aldrigo – a four-seminar series on “The Role of Acquisitions and Logistics in Supply Chain Management”, 7/4/2013 – 9/10/2013
  • Dr. Mario Guerello – “Certification Procedures and responsibilities of the Det Norske Veritas, the Norwegian naval register with a focus on the ports of Italy”, 12/3/2013


  • Prof. Renato Midoro – Three-part Doctoral course: “Principles of the Economics and Management of Transport  Businesses”, 5/7/12 through 5/28/2012
  • Dr. Francesco Pesce, Prof. Laura Carpaneto, Prof. Lorenzo Schiano di Pepe, Prof. Chiara Tuo, Prof. Maria Elena De Maestri – Doctoral course in the field of Law: “International Sources of EU Law”; “Rail Transport and EU Law”; Prof. Nicola Sacco, Prof. Maria Grazia Vignolo, Enrico Gattorna – Four-part Doctoral course in the field of Engineering: “Transportation Systems: Theory, Planning and Simulation”, 11/12 through 11/27/2012
  • Prof. Luigi Barone – “The Genoa Road and Railway Network: Criticism and Port Development”, 12/11/2012
  • Prof. Alessandro Carena,  Andrea Pieracci, Esq. Alessandra Busnelli – “A Multidisciplinary Approach to Create a Port Infrastructure: The Case of Calata Bettolo, 12/20/2012; “Off-Shore Platforms and Environmental Protection”; “Air Transport Between International Law and EU Law”; “Civil Responsibility and Satellite Navigation Systems”, 4 seminars, 10/9/12  through 10/30/2012


  • Giuliano Gallanti, Esq. – “European Port Governance”, Workshop promoted by CIELI and the Genoa Port Authority on the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) report, 1/25/2011
  • Prof. Enrico Di Bella – “Official Statistical Sources for Transport”, 3/2/2011
  • Prof. Pierangelo Celle – “Port State Control from the EU Perspective”, 23/03/2011
  • Dr. Osvaldo Faggioni – European Harbour Waterside Mangement, 4/20/2011
  • Dr. Andreola – “Use of LNG as Ship Fuel”, 4/5/2011
  • Dr. Roberta Scarsi – “Strategic Decisions by Bulk Shipping Companies”, 7/6/2011
  • Prof. Riccardo Minciardi “Traffic Flow Models and Analysis”, 3 seminars, 2/2/2011 through  11/27/2011
  • Prof. Claudio Ferrari – “Combined Sea Transport”, 1/11/2011


  • Paolo E. Debarbieri – “The Status of European Directives on the Reorganization of a Rail Transport Company”, 12/3/2010
  • Prof. Tommaso Affinità, Esq. – “The State of Maritime Highways”, 11/3/2010
  • Prof. Renato Midoro, Giovanni Ronca, Stefano Paleari, Marco Arato, Giovanni Enrico Vesco, Marta Vincenzi, Vincenzo Zangrilli, Guido Pugliesi, Franco Pronzato, Luigi Merlo – Conference on “The Role of Cristoforo Colombo Airport in Genoa in the Northwestern Airport System”,  10/27/2010
  • Conference – Debate “Evolution and Trends in European Port Governance”, 6/11/2010
  • Dr. Bruno Musso – “Bi-level Rail Underpass for Container Operations” BRUCO, 3/31/2010


  • Prof. Riccardo Bozzo, Dr. Giampiero Fabbri, Dr. Sebastiano Durante, Dr. Luca Santiccioli – “The European Project ADD HOME  – The Dimensions of Alternative Mobility: The Experience in Genoa”, 11/27/2009
  • Carlo Caligaris and Andrea Conca – “TransCAD and the CIELI Observatory, 5/21/2009
  • Prof. Pier Paolo Puliafito – Doctoral course: “The Role of Decisions in Strategic Information”, 12 classes,  3/24/2009 through 5/15/2009
  • Piermichele Puppo – “The National VTS (VessalTraffic Service) Project”, 4/2/2009
  • Dr. Maria Elena De Maestri and Igor Bisio – “The Global Navigation Satellite System: Technical and Regulation Issues”, 3/26/2009
  • Dr. Stefano Costa – “Examples of Community Modeling in Transport: The MasterPlan of Western Mediterranean Maritime Highways”, 3/5/2009
  • Prof. Claudio Ferrari – “Forecasting Demand and Port Services”, 2/26/2009
  • Mauro Ersini – “Simulation and Discrete Events: A Port Model”, 2/12/2009


  • Dr. Francesco Parola and Enrico Gattorna – “The Observatory’s Different Lines of Research”, 7/12/2007
  • Guido Porta – “Integration of modes of sea transport: Comparing Systems and Methodologies”, 6/19/2007
  • Dr. Alberto Cordella – “Container Terminals: An Analysis of Operating Processes”, 5/31/2007
  • Prof. Paolo Volta – “The Relationship Between Regulations and Inland terminal (interporto)”, 4/12/2007
  • Dr. Alessandro Carena – “Reflections on the Port of Genoa: Trends and Forecasting in Development”, 4/3/2007
  • Four presentation meetings regarding similar volumes published by CIELI, 2007


  • Prof. Massimo Merlino – “Geopolitics as the Key to Reading Globalization”, 12/13/2006
  • Dr. Nicola Qualich – “Simulation Tools for Planning a Reverse Logistics Network”, 6/22/2006
  • Paolo Debarbieri – “A report from Central Asian Ex-Soviet Republics: Geo-political and Transport Aspects”, 6/8/2006
  • Dr. Elena Morchio – “Opportunities and Issues Related to Creating a Charter of Port Services”, 5/25/2006
  • Dr. Andrea Costa – “The Competitiveness of the Italian Port System: From the CNEL Study to Current Facts”, 5/11/2006


  • Dr. Fabio Macrì – “The New Executive Proposal on the Freedom of Access to the Port Services Market: Preliminary Observations”, 9/8/2005